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The Stud Edit | 8 Mini Pick-Me-Ups That Will Keep You Company Hail, Rain Or Shine

ON April 26, 2020

As we “face” the world remotely or virtually these days for virtual meetings and socializing, it’s nice to be able to turn to an accessory to add a little lift to the frame (and your mood). It’s a great time to revisit the trusty stud, an accessory staple that is easy enough to wear, (even if from top down you’re in sweat pants! No one will be the wiser!)

People always think of stud earrings as the “safe-bet”. Every girl (and hey, maybe even a few men, who are we to discriminate?) has at least one pair in her jewelry drawer that falls in line with practically anything they put on. So it might be wrong to describe the white shirt of your jewelry collection as the “safe-bet”. We think calling them the “superheroes” of your earrings is a more accurate term, because let’s face it – they don’t hurt your ears, the right ones provide ample amounts of glam and to reiterate what we said before, they match with pretty much everything.

So without further ado let’s take you through the studs that are rocking our world, even as we work from home in these trying times.

We’re going to start small. And in case you’re wondering, studs can be statement – just wait and watch…

Our newest Borderless collection came with a bevy of mini marvels set with different stones. Of these, the sweet and simple, Pink Quartz Wanderlust Stud Earrings are both easy to carry and made for the traveler in you as well as make for the perfect gift.

Next we’d like to give a shout out to the bedazzling Demi Goddess Mother of Pearl & Mirror Stud Earrings. If you’re every having a dull day, these make for the perfect pick-me-up.

What’s a list of studs without some classics, right? Our Mirrors on the Move studs are dainty darlings you can keep on and never take off.

The pair that always gives us butterflies are our Limelight Pearl & Mirror Flutter studs. They look like bejeweled bugs you wear on your ears and are the perfect match for everything from your white tank top to your glamorous LBD.

Giving you a bit of color and a bit of Bulletproof are our Titanium Leaf studs. They’re truly your everyday earrings with a bohemian twist.

If you think about it, stud earrings are fantastic for women with short hair. They truly get to show off their sparklers with full effect and fanfare that these studs are totally worth. Our next mention would have to be the Angel Dust Baguette Mirror Front-Back earrings. And hey, if your hair is long, pull them back for this pair – trust us, they deserve it.

Moving on to studs that were born to make that statement. These are ideal for when you’re going out, when you want to really shine and need a formal pair of studs to match your glam outfit.

You can trust our Mandala Mirror and Pearl Statement Stud Earrings make quite the splash

And finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without our Modern Maharani Half Moon Starburst Stud Earrings. The mother of all stud earrings, Starburst is a mix of gold plating and pearls which gives off an elegant glow like no other – not to forget the edginess this pair brings. These are the earrings you want to show off in your Instagram videos and when you can go out, make a real eye-catching look with the help of these wonders.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s not all however. If you go over to Isharya.com you can find a whole section of stud earrings we obviously love and we’re pretty sure you will too. Remember, these are the kind of earrings that never go out of style and will always look fantastic, hail, rain or shine!


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