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How Modern Indian Jewelry Can Help You Look & Feel Your Best While Working From Home

How’s that work-from-home life going, ladies? Last week we helped you pick out some Indian jewelry pieces that really shine on camera, but what a difference a week makes! With an ever-evolving situation on our hands, we have to adapt quickly to the new rules of work and do our best to keep our energy and confidence levels high.

That said, this week we’re going to show you how some favorite style tips can help you look and feel your best while you’re working remotely. Working from home can be a bit of a challenge when you’re used to being productive in the office, but there are a lot of things you can do to optimize your day. Naturally, one of our favorite techniques is wearing the right jewelry!

Keep reading for five of our favorite ways to use modern Indian jewelry to look and feel great while working from home.

Dress for a big meeting—even when there’s none!

We’re kicking this list off with our favorite tip. Why? Even if it’s the only one you take with you, it’ll work wonders! Whether you’re going to spend the day staring at a spreadsheet or signing into a conference call full of major stakeholders, be sure your outfit reflects how much of a boss you truly are. Studies have shown that dressing to the nines gives us a tangible boost of confidence, even if we’re doing smaller tasks and no one is watching.

Make a minimalist-inspired statement with Isharya’s Borderless Octagon Libra Black Enamel & Mirror Earrings. Feeling a little bit boho-chic? Dress up your look with Isharya’s Gypsy Soul Disc Chain Necklace. Or go ultra-modern in Isharya’s Glitter on the Go Stackable Bolo Bracelet.

Brighten up your look with spring colors!

Another way to lift your spirits and your work-from-home motivation is to add some color to the mix. Color therapy (via jewelry, among other things) is actually a valid way to wake up your senses and even inspire some creativity! Bright colors also instill a sense of confidence and help others connect to you more easily on a subconscious level. An added bonus? Bright colors pop on camera, so you’ll never be washed out during video check-ins with the team.

For a burst of color, try Isharya’s Borderless Single Wrap Cuff, capped off by two beautifully hued stones. Get a little bit tropical with Isharya’s La Conchita Abstract Floral Statement Ring in Turquoise. Or, go for a cascading look with Isharya’s Borderless Turquoise & Blue Lapis Ivory Enamel Long Earrings.

Short on time? Make earrings work for you!

Even when you cut out commute time, working from home can get hectic. Pulling longer hours or having back-to-back virtual meetings sometimes means you have less time to spruce up for the day. If you’re getting an early start and need a quick hack to look your best, put your hair back and show off a bold pair of earrings. With minimal effort, you can capture a boss-worthy look that will pop on screen.

Isharya’s Borderless Fan Stud Earrings make a show-stopping statement, so your outfit can be kept simple. Another sublime choice? Isharya’s Borderless Multi-Color Hoop Earrings. If you’re looking for something a little bit sharper, opt for Isharya’s Demi Goddess Shattered Mirror No. 8 Earrings.

Top off your outfit with an unexpected accent!

You know the deal: You wake up a bit drowsy, you put on the outfit you planned out the night before, and you mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. Still, it feels like something is missing. You wish you could shake things up and give yourself a burst of inspiration. In this scenario, we recommend adding a fun accessory, like a hair clip or a headband, to your look.

Stay sharp with Isharya’s Demi Goddess Pyramid Mirror Hair Clip. On the other hand, you can add a touch of modern-feminine glam to your outfit with Isharya’s NOW Back To The ’90s Pearl Hair Clip or the Isharya NOW Leighton Pearl Headband (a tribute to our favorite queen B, no doubt). What vibe will you bring to the home office today?

Light up your fingers with bold rings!

Let’s face it… sometimes you have to go the extra mile to brighten up your workday (or in this case, the extra index finger). You’ll have your fingers out all day as they dance across the keyboard and emphatically make points on your video calls. So why not deck them out in glittering, glam rings? You may even find yourself smiling as you glance down at them between work sessions.

Go bold and regal with Isharya’s Noor Labradorite Fringe Ring. Craving something dreamy? Isharya’s Limelight Cluster Of Mirrors Statement Ring will sparkle with each flick of the wrist. You can also create a sublime effect with Isharya’s Borderless Illusion Ring, sure to evoke visions of future PTO.

Our final (informal) tip? When all else fails, pause your workday and do some online shopping. Isharya offers stunning modern Indian jewelry to complement every work-from-home outfit you can think of (and virtual dinner dates, too).

P.S. Don’t miss last week’s post! Show Up to Virtual Meetings in Style With On-Trend Modern Indian Jewels

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Refresh Your Jewelry Look: 3 Spring Jewelry Trends to Try

Whether you’re aiming for volume color or statement-making pieces, Isharya’s spring selection can’t be beaten. Warmer days offer the perfect opportunity to freshen one’s wardrobe with exciting new pieces. New palettes, bold silhouettes, and trends yet to be tried await as spring unfolds… Go bolder, bigger, and more colorful than previous months. Winter is over, and a new sense of adventurous style is emerging. Explore three fun spring jewelry trends to try with Isharya’s dazzling selection of modern Indian jewelry.

Amp up the volume

Everybody knows that size Matters. Nobody knows this better than Isharya. There’s something about a large, made-you-look piece of jewelry that adds a cool sophistication to an outfit, even if it’s a casual daytime look. From oversized earrings to decadent pendants, these pieces carry more than their weight in glam. Pair them with simple, minimalist attire, like a crisp white Blazer or a spring-hued cocktail dress.

Handcrafted with mirror and gold plated glass, the Isharya Bombay Deco Tassel Statement Mirror Earrings feature dramatic swinging chain tassels that cascade from geometric mirrored studs. These Art Deco inspired earrings make the perfect accent to a sleek, minimal evening look.

We love a bangle that takes up space, and this one knows how to do just that. The Isharya Disco Mirror Rib Cuff features a light-catching lineup of sparkling mirrors, set in a voluptuous curved silhouette. This decadent Bengal can be stacked with other bracelets or worn alone.

You’ve seen it on the runway…Now you’re seeing it Isharya’s way! Delicate chains have their place, but the Isharya Borderless Toggle Collar Necklace is proof that thick chains are taking over for spring. It features gleaming gold-toned chain links and our signature lightweight cotton pearls.

Dial up the color

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know that we love color. Spring is one of the best times to show your true colors, from jewel tones to neon and beyond. We recommend infusing color with sleek enamel treatments, richly-hued stones, and gleaming metallic chains. It’s worth noting that colorful jewelry is also one of 2020’s top trends, from the runways to Instagram.

When you want color, look no further than the Isharya Renaissance Rani Resin Oval Hinged Front open Blue & Amazonite Resin Cuff. This stunningly colorful cuff infuses any look with a punch of saturation in hues fit for paradise. We suggest wearing it with teal or navy.

Why be shy when you can have Borderless, bold style? The Isharya Borderless Mirror & Enamel Choker Necklace demands attention (and gets plenty of it, trust us). This modern take on a regal bib-style necklace looks best with open necklines and strapless bodices (or extra-high necklines by contrast).

Have you noticed that chandelier earrings never seem to go out of style? They just come back with fresh new takes each season. We love this neon version of the trend. The Isharya Neon Yellow Long Gypsy Earrings are dripping with bright resin, reminiscent of spring sunshine.

Embrace a new statement

Sometimes the only thing you need to do to freshen up your spring jewelry selection is to embrace a new statement piece. We all have that go-to necklace or cuff we wear everyday, or a stunning cocktail ring we choose for special occasions. It’s fun to play favorites, but even the most classically stylish woman needs to switch things up once in a while. We took the liberty of making some suggestions below.

You don’t have to go full-on bold to switch things up for spring. A subtle, stylish way to upgrade your look are the Isharya Demi Goddess Rhombus Mirror & Pearl Drop Earrings. They possess an art deco-inspired glam that’s versatile enough to wear with everything in your closet.

Go ahead, get a little bit edgy. The Isharya Pyramid Mirror Cuff is a funky, fun and bold bracelet that’s reminiscent of the 1960s with their breezy, break-the-rules approach to fashion. We adore the way it spices up a look with minimal effort.

Refresh-Modern-Indian-Jewelry-Wardrobe - Add statement - Infinite Petals Filigree Statement Choker Necklace

Sometimes making a statement means switching it up completely. We think the Isharya Infinite Petals Filigree Statement Choker Necklace does this beautifully with its row of floating filigree orbs. It sits on the neck like a classic choker, so pair it with a strapless top.

Want more style inspiration? Visit our Isharya online store to shop the hottest modern Indian jewelry trends for spring.

Isharya - Shop Now - CTA 15 - Blog MIJ - 2560x317_
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Monday – Sunday | The Perfect Stackable Bracelets For Every Day Of The Week

It’s safe to say that everyone’s routines have drastically changed in these past few weeks. Your commute is now from the bedroom to your living room and your meetings take place over video calls instead of in person. Date nights are non-existent and your catch-up time with the girls has been reduced to a game of virtual Ludo. Welcome to the new normal ladies and gentlemen. While of course we miss the various activities that kept us occupied through the day, what some of us miss most is dressing up; Putting on a bit of lipstick, wearing that new shirt and most importantly, picking out our jewelry for the day.

But just because we’re #WFH now, doesn’t mean we don’t dress up, right? In fact, doing a little bit extra for your appearance while you stay home might just motivate you to get out of bed and actually get things done!

As it turns out, bracelets can bring out your personality and mood depending on how you’ve stacked them that day. You could wear just one with your watch, which translates to ‘I mean business’, or you could stack on five in different colors and stones to give your look a more ‘playful’ feel. No matter what kind of stacker you are, we’ve picked out the perfect wrist-stackers for every day of your week

Manic Monday

Keep it simple with an Isharya bolo bracelet and your watch. Pick one in a color or stone you love and go from there.

Tip for when we’re done socially distancing: Our Bolo Bracelets make for great presents especially to your bridesmaids!

Spice It Up Tuesday

It’s only Tuesday, you want to stick to one bracelet but wish to spice it up at the same time. How about a wrap bracelet? These take up more real estate on your wrist and just add that little extra bling-bling for when you’re Zoom-chatting with your colleagues

Vibrant Wednesday

Hump day calls for some color. Your outfit might be all black or all white or even just sweatpants, but these bright bracelets will liven up both your look as well as your mood on a Wednesday.

Timeless Thursday

Thursday is for those bracelets that are timeless. These won’t ever go out of style and you can keep repeating them through your outfits and through the years. They’re timeless.

Bang(ing)le Friday

Our Noor and La Conchita collections came with the most divine bangles in so many different colors. Fridays are for experimenting with yours. You could give your watch a little more personality with these while working or stack them up and make it a party when you’re chatting with your girlfriends.

Sexy Saturday

If you’re lucky enough to be socially distancing with your partner, try to set one day aside for date night. Do up your living room, light some candles, play some lovey tunes and of course dress up. These pearly bracelets will give your wrists that extra jazz ideal for your Saturday date.

Subtle Sunday

Today is your day to chill. Relax, unwind, watch a movie and hang out with your family. Lets your wrists get a taste of an easy Sunday too. These minimal bracelets will do the trick!

While you’re still here, check out our round up of stud earrings that will keep you stylish hail, rain or shine and our list of three spring jewelry trends to try

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Show Up to Virtual Meetings in Style With On-Trend Modern Indian Jewels

Our daily lives have been altered in unique ways recently. For many of us, routine activities have moved online, from work to fitness to social gatherings. Luckily, we’re the digital generation, so we’ve got this under control… and it’s no surprise that we still want to dress up for work! Good news: Isharya jewels sparkle just as brightly on the screen—so before you sit in front of the webcam for your next meeting, feel free to layer on the luxe. Need some ideas? Browse our top picks for on-trend modern Indian jewels and statement pieces that keep it professional—while showing off your inner It-girl.

Strictly Business

We’ll kick things off with professional, sleek-looking pieces with lots of personality. These picks are ideal for elevated work-from-home outfits and high-level meetings. Add upgraded hoops with a little more sparkle to a business-casual ensemble. Stack a sleek cuff to highlight your DIY at-home manicure. Top it off with an epic ring that gives off high-fashion boss babe energy. Whatever your position, you’ll be giving off stylish SHE-EO energy.

The Isharya Borderless Mirror & Enamel Cuff can be stacked with your watch or other bangles. This sleek piece is handcrafted with black enamel, mirror and gold plated brass. A center mirror gem sparkles as it catches the light—perfect for glamorously emphasizing points with a flick of the wrist. One thing’s for sure, running the meeting never looked this good.

A little bit Bollywood, a little bit Hollywood. Whichever way you turn, the Isharya Deco Mirror Hoop Earrings are a step above the average hoop. Handcrafted with mirror glass and 18k gold plating, they bring a touch of glam without being too conspicuous. Just don’t be surprised if someone interrupts the conference call to ask where you got them…

We love a piece that’s both on-trend and unique—and chunky chain links are one of spring’s hottest jewelry trends. Isharya’s Borderless Medallion Ring is a bold finishing touch that will take even a basic work-from-home look and turn it into a “running this show” ensemble. Pair it with everything from blazers to sweaters. We love it with white or black ensembles, but it will pair back to jewel tones, too.

Playfully Pro

Craving something just a bit more fun and adventurous for your workday look? We don’t blame you! When you’re in lockdown you need all the fun you can get… Below are some pieces that go beyond sleek and even hint at head-turning. From unique resin bangles to dreamy lapis-dotted earrings, you’ll find something that breaks the mold. Pair them with your go-to work attire for a memorable—but still professional—statement.

Sometimes you just have to go for bold. Isharya’s Black Louvre Hinge Bangle is a stunning piece that plays with line, form, and contrast. Handcrafted with black translucent resin and 18k gold plating, it sits halfway between decadent and casual-cool. Try stacking it with other bracelets to amp up the look. You’ll find that it pairs nicely to dark and light colored tops.

You’ll brighten things up when you add Isharya’s Borderless Lapis & White Enamel Grecian Earrings to the mix. In our opinion, now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to work in more color and contrast. Hand crafted with lapis and white enamel, these earrings offer tranquil colors and decadent stones to get you started. The best part? They’ll have you dreaming of post-quarantine vacation plans between meetings.

Elegance and artistry have a way of brightening up the mood, even if you’re feeling burnt out on work. Spice up your neckline Isharya’s Isharya’s Fool’s Gold Detachable Layered Necklace. This long and dramatic piece features an artisanal motif and sparkling details. Show off your artistic side by pairing it with a straight or high neckline. We guarantee no one else will be wearing anything like it.

Bossy & Bold

Okay, we get it. You’re not here to play it shy. In that case, we’ve got something just for you… Kick it up a notch further with these look-at-me jewels that command presence. Whether or not you’re the CEO, you’ll look and feel like one in mirrored jewels, customized chains, and badass statement rings. Don’t worry about finding the right outfit to pair these with. The pieces below might be gasp-worthy and unique, but they can also be styled to fit just about any ensemble you’re working in.

Bring on the sparkle and shine in Isharya’s Demi Goddess Statement Knife Edge Mirror Cuff. The sharp edges and geometric shapes in this cuff say “I mean business” without being stuffy or predictable. In fact, this piece is anything but predictable. While we love stacking, we suggest rocking this one solo. Or, if you’re feeling maximalist, pair it with thinner, less conspicuous bangles.

Say what’s on your mind while your necklace does some talking, too! Isharya’s NOW DIY Multi layered Necklace lets you customize a phrase or name and sport it on your neckline (a.k.a. where everyone on your team will see it). This stunning piece plays with scale and texture, featuring multiple spring jewelry trends like layering and thick chain links.

Make every hand gesture count with Isharya’s Borderless Maleficent Statement Ring. This glam and modern ring isn’t just your average statement. It features references to Grecian architecture and a hint of vintage Art Deco vibes. Such a complex piece should be paired with a sleek and simple look. We’re fans of a crisp white top and black slacks (whether or not your bottoms show on camera.)

Need more virtual meeting style inspiration? is shipping orders! Find a piece that lifts your spirits and prepares you to face the world (digitally) with confidence.

A note to our readers…

Here at Isharya, we love to have a little fun and dress up whenever the chance presents itself. It’s especially comforting to indulge in a love of high-quality fashion and style to help things feel a bit more “normal” during uncertain times.

That said, we recognize that COVID-19 and the global pandemic are serious issues. We encourage all of our readers to continue to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and stick to best practices during this time. We wish you a happy and healthy week.

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In Full Color: We’ve Mastered Spring’s Hottest Jewelry Trend

During this season’s Global Fashion Week, the runways from New York to Milan were bursting with spring style inspiration. Amidst the statements we spotted, a recurring trend caught our eye. Spring’s top jewelry trend is all about color. If you haven’t seen bold colorful jewelry just yet, you’re about to get a sneak peek—and learn exactly how to wear it. Isharya has you covered with multiple collections full of stunningly saturated pieces.  Read on for inspiration and outfit tips from our expert stylists.

Wear Isharya’s most colorful jewelry with…

Go-to Sundresses

The whimsy of the sundress already meets the colorful jewelry trend halfway in terms of bright and cheery energy. We paired it with the Isharya Temple Muse Lapis and Pearl Cuff Bracelet, handcrafted with lapis and cotton ball pearls. From beach stroll to brunch date, this look is ready for anything.

How to wear it: Pairing brightly colored jewelry with warm-weather fashion is a matter of choosing a complementing or tonal palette. Remember: when you get turned around choosing the right accent, reference the color wheel!


Workweek Chic

Putting the perfect look together for work means accomplishing several things, from commanding respect in the boardroom to dressing in confidence-inspiring hues. We love accenting mid-week looks with a bright and bold bangle, like the Isharya Noor Multi-colored Bangle Bracelet.

How to wear it: Isharya resin and lucite bangles come in many colors, making them a luxe finishing touch whether you’re dressed to the nines or rocking casual Friday attire. We recommend pairing your outfit back to one of the dazzling colors within this multi-hued bangle.


Brunch Attire

A fun afternoon activity calls for a fun accessory or two. And who doesn’t love to be a little bit extra at brunch? Before you order up mimosas, choose an outfit fitting of a festive afternoon. We like pairing richly hued accents like the Isharya Borderless Green Onyx Grecian Hoop Earrings and the Isharya Empress Warrior Multi-Color Pearl Lariat Necklace with a printed dress.

How to wear it: Our top tip for mixing print and colorful accessories? Don’t be afraid to go a little further than the norm. Not only do pop color outfits look amazing in photos (and let’s be real: you’ll be ‘gram-ing brunch), but they make the day more fun and instill an extra hint of confidence when you’re out and about.


Nightlife Looks

Artisanal cocktails, anyone? When the sun goes down and it’s time to hit the VIP lounge, it’s all about the sparkle—and the color! Choose richly hued jewelry that pairs back to sleek black dresses and shimmery tops. We love the angular Isharya Demi Goddess Mirror & Mother of Pearl Stud Earrings and the irresistibly chic Isharya Noor Purple Hinged Bangle Bracelet.

How to wear it: Evening looks are all about catching the light while looking sleek and sophisticated, so while your outfit can be understated (think a classic LBD) your jewelry should be bold and fresh. Play with angles, shapes, and gems like rhinestones and mirrors.


Resort Wardrobe

Hit refresh on your wardrobe—and your routine—by pairing colorful jewel-toned pieces with bright white fabrics. We love the Isharya Borderless Blue Lapis & Turquoise With White Enamel Libra Earrings and the Isharya Borderless Pendant Pink Quartz Necklace. From breezy beach-ready kaftans to fitted VIP-worthy dresses, this combination will have you looking as expensive as a first-class ticket to paradise.

How to wear it: It’s hard to go wrong with a white dress and jewel tones when you’re trying to achieve the timeless jet-setter vibe. We love how the more colorful pieces from the Isharya Borderless collection offers Mediterranean elegance. When in doubt, start there.


Feeling inspired yet? Shop our modern statement jewelry pieces from our BorderlessGlitter on the Go, and Demi Goddess collections now as they will surely add more chic and color to your glam artillery so you can be ever-ready for any event.

Isharya - Shop Now - CTA 15 - Blog MIJ - 2560x317_

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Borderless Love: A Modern Indian Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and there’s no better time to fall back in love with your jewelry collection. The Borderless collection is bursting with inspiration, whether your true love is wanderlust or you’re planning gifts for the special women in your life. The Borderless collection features special borderless enamel techniques, richly hued stones, and gleaming gold chains. It all adds up to a selection of modern Indian jewelry that’s perfect for any occasion. Here are some of our favorites that particularly fit the mood.

Feel the love! Shop the Borderless collection for more modern Indian jewelry to fall in love with.

Isharya -Shop Now - CTA 13 - 2560x317
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A World Without Boundaries: Introducing Borderless by Isharya

The spirit of the Isharya woman transcends literal and figurative boundaries. Her spirit is untethered to norms and limitations. She calls the entire world her home and destination. She is Borderless. Explore our newest collection and preview our new lookbook below.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-3


bor·der·less /ˈbôrdərləs/
Lacking edges, limits, or boundaries.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-2

The wanderlust-prone spirit of the Isharya It-girl is celebrating the colors and senses of Greece in this newest release. Borderless is inspired by the azure palettes of the Ionian Sea as well as the landscape’s peppering of cooling architectural white and vibrant jewel tones.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-4

Borderless aptly features stunning borderless enameling, a rare technique that requires exquisite artisanal skill. It also looks wildly luxe and original. Hint: That means each of these pieces if an absolute must-have you won’t find anywhere else.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-5

The sublime colors of the Ionian Sea are paired with vibrant jewel tones and cooling whites. Talk about indulgent! Just looking at these is enough to inspire a luxurious Mediterranean getaway.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-6

The Borderless collection’s unapologetic shapes are sprinkled with decadent finishing touches. Think gold chain link borders, swaying tassels and gemstones floating on thin golden hoops. If you’re anything like us, you’re already envisioning the ways these pieces could spice up an outfit, day-to-night.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-7

Already dreaming off far off coasts and azure ocean waves? Shop the Borderless collection now. Need help choosing the perfect piece to wear? Contact us and one of our expert stylists will get in touch.

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The Cocktail Edit: On-Trend Pearl Jewelry for Winter Occasions

There are few statements as timeless and elegant as pearl jewelry. When rendered through the modern Indian lens, they become even more spectacular. This conspicuously glamorous trend is perfect for winter, from its bright hues to fun, festive shapes. Our cotton pearls are also engineered to be lightweight and easy to wear, so sporting this flirty, feminine trend won’t weigh you down along the way. We’ve selected some of our favorite decadently on-trend pearl jewelry and offered a few hints about how to wear each.

Envy-inspiring Earrings

Pearl earrings are conducive to decadent dressing at its most effortless. Include them in your look when you’re going for that iconic vibe captured by modern royalty and timeless style influencers.

Isharya Ayaana Enamel and Pearl Drop Earrings

Isharya Ayaana Enamel and Pearl Drop Earrings

Isharya Fool's Gold Statement Hoop Earrings

Isharya Fool’s Gold Statement Hoop Earrings

Isharya Paradise Dew Cluster Pearl Earrings

Isharya Paradise Dew Cluster Pearl Earrings

Isharya Ayaana Mirror and Pearl Needle-Thread Earrings

Isharya Ayaana Mirror and Pearl Needle-Thread Earrings

Isharya White Hampi Pearl Drop Earring

Isharya White Hampi Pearl Drop Earring

Regal Rings

Whether you’re casually lifting your champagne glass or reaching for a handshake, sporting an array of glamorous pearl rings is one way to say “I’m here to make a statement”. Pearl rings are a unique style staple that we believe every modern trend-setter should have in her wardrobe repertoire.

Isharya Noor Pearl Fringe Ring

Isharya Noor Pearl Fringe Ring

Isharya Temple Muse Marsala Quartz Chain Ring

Isharya Temple Muse Marsala Quartz Chain Ring

Isharya Empress Warrior Statement Pearl Ring

Isharya Empress Warrior Statement Pearl Ring

Isharya Temple Muse Pearl Double Finger Ring

Isharya Temple Muse Pearl Double Finger Ring

Isharya Angel Dust Mirror Long Horizontal Ring

Isharya Angel Dust Mirror Long Horizontal Ring

Stackable Bracelets

Ramp up your winter evening wardrobe with chunky bracelets and stackable cuffs that will turn any look into something cinematically stylish. Our favorites feature oversized cotton pearls that won’t weigh you down despite their voluptuous appearance.

Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl & Filigree Stackable Cuff

Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl & Filigree Stackable Cuff

Isharya Temple Muse Amazonite and Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Isharya Temple Muse Amazonite and Pearl Cuff

Isharya Bombay Deco Statement Mirror and Pearl Cuff In Gold

Isharya Bombay Deco Statement Mirror and Pearl Cuff In Gold

Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl Aligned Cuff

Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl Aligned Cuff

Isharya Empress Warrior Pearl Turret Stackable Cuff

Isharya Empress Warrior Pearl Turret Stackable Cuff

Next-level Necklaces

Add a touch of feminine charm to any neckline with this selection of stunning pearl necklaces. A classic way to wear one of our favorite modern Indian trends, this look allows you to layer or wear single strands for a more minimal statement. Though, let’s be honest: there’s nothing minimal about pearls!

Isharya Gypsy Soul Leaf and Pearl Flora Necklace

Isharya Gypsy Soul Leaf and Pearl Flora Necklace

Isharya Noor Blue Tassel Lariat

Isharya Noor Blue Tassel Lariat

Isharya Limelight Pearl Pendant Long Necklace

Isharya Limelight Pearl Pendant Long Necklace

Isharya Gypsy Soul Filigree & Pearl Cluster Lariat

Isharya Gypsy Soul Filigree & Pearl Cluster Lariat

Isharya Limelight Pearl and Tassel Necklace

Unexpected Accents

Apart from the traditional ways you can bring pearls into the mix, Isharya offers a range of on-trend ways to get the look without wearing necklaces, bracelets, or the like. Think decadent pearl hair clips (that you can customize with your own letters), ornate ear cuffs, and dazzling maang tikka.

Isharya NOW Back To The ’90s Pearl Hair Clip

Isharya NOW Back To The ’90s Pearl Hair Clip

Isharya Temple Muse Pearl Earcuff Earrings

Isharya Temple Muse Pearl Earcuff Earrings

Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl Gypsy Handharness

Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl Gypsy Handharness

Isharya Noor Pearl & Gold Maangtikka

Isharya Noor Pearl & Gold Maangtikka

Isharya NOW Leighton Pearl Headband

Isharya NOW Leighton Pearl Headband

Which pearl jewelry trend is your favorite? Hint: We won’t blame you if you want to try them all. Shop all of our head-turning pearl jewelry here.

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The Perfect Piece of Modern Indian Jewelry for Each Zodiac Sign

New year, new jewelry. There’s no better time to plan your personal style for the next 12 months, starting with your jewelry. Each star sign on the Zodiac chart possesses unique qualities—and each piece of Isharya jewelry is as unique as a star in the sky. We paired some of our most popular pieces of earrings, necklaces, and other luxe accents with characteristics on the star chart. Find your sign below, then click through to make it your own.

Aries ♈ (March 21 ~ April 20)

Traits: Adventurous, energetic, confident, quick-witted

You should wear… The edgy, incomparable Isharya Demi Goddess Chain & Mirror Medallion Layered Necklace.

Isharya Demi Goddess Chain and Mirror Medallion Layered Necklace

Taurus ♉ (April 21 ~ May 21)

Traits: Patient, reliable, loving, persistent

You should wear… The symmetrical, stunning 3-tier Isharya Silver Disco Mirror Chandelier Earrings.

Isharya Silver Disco Mirror Chandelier Earrings

Gemini ♊ (May 22 ~ June 21)

Traits: Versatile, witty, eloquent, lively

You should wear… The statement-worthy Isharya Gypsy Soul Filigree Celestial Maang Tikka.

Gemini - Isharya Gypsy Soul Filigree Celestial Maang Tikka

Cancer ♋  (June 22 ~ July 22)

Traits: Sympathetic, intuitive, imaginative, protective

You should wear… The expansive, dreamy Isharya Modern Maharani Shimmer Bow Hair Clip.

Cancer - Isharya Modern Maharani Shimmer Bow Hair Clip

Leo ♌ (July 23 ~ August 21)

Traits: Generous, warm, enthusiastic, faithful

You should wear… The regal, timeless Isharya Disco Mirror Rib Hoop Earring.

Leo - Isharya Disco Mirror Earrings

Virgo ♍ (August 22 ~ September 22)

Traits: Intelligent, meticulous, reliable, diligent

You should wear… The ornate, powerful Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl Power Ring.

Isharya Gypsy Soul Pearl Power Ring

Libra ♎ (September 24 ~ October 23)

Traits: Diplomatic, social, romantic, charming

You should wear… The colorful, vibrant Isharya Glitter on the Go Swarovski Duo Stone Diamond & Drop Earrings.

Isharya Glitter on the Go Swarovski Duo Stone Diamond & Drop Earrings

Scorpio ♏ (October 24 ~ November 22)

Traits: Determined, powerful, passionate, magnetic

You should wear… the sharp, angular, hold-nothing back Isharya Demi Goddess Irregular Mirror Layered Y Necklace.

Isharya Demi Goddess Irregular Mirror Layered Y Necklace

Saggitarius ♐ (November 23 ~ December 22)

Traits: Optimistic, jovial, honest, philosophical

You should wear… the festive and dazzling Isharya Modern Maharani Mirror Mesh Stud Earrings.

Isharya Modern Maharani Mirror Mesh Stud Earrings

Capricorn ♑ (December 23 ~ January 20)

Traits: Practical, ambitious, disciplined, humorous

You should wear… The balanced, bold Isharya Mirrors on the Move Mirror and CZ Tie Necklace.

Isharya Mirrors on the Move Mirror and CZ Tie Necklace

Aquarius ♒ (January 21 ~ February 19)

Traits: Friendly, honest, original, independent

You should wear… The unique, playful Isharya Angel Dust Mirror Long Horizontal Ring.

Isharya Angel Dust Mirror Long Horizontal Ring

Pisces ♓ (February 20 ~ March 20)

Traits: Compassionate, kind, intuitive, otherworldly

You should wear… The enchanting, complex Isharya Temple Muse Clear Resin Oval Hinge Bangle.

Isharya Temple Muse Clear Resin Oval Hinge Bangle

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