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Borderless Love: A Modern Indian Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and there’s no better time to fall back in love with your jewelry collection. The Borderless collection is bursting with inspiration, whether your true love is wanderlust or you’re planning gifts for the special women in your life. The Borderless collection features special borderless enamel techniques, richly hued stones, and gleaming gold chains. It all adds up to a selection of modern Indian jewelry that’s perfect for any occasion. Here are some of our favorites that particularly fit the mood.

Feel the love! Shop the Borderless collection for more modern Indian jewelry to fall in love with.

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Go Big or Go Home: Oversized Modern Indian Jewelry

When it comes to making a statement… size matters. Whether you’re donning decadent hoops full of chunky pearls or a cocktail ring that spans the width of several fingers, sometimes the bigger you go, the more impact your outfit has. Modern Indian jewelry balances out this summer’s trend of dainty, barely-there pieces with luscious jewels, glamorous motifs, and jewelry that’s, quite simply, a lot of fun to wear. Explore the hottest in big, bold, and beautiful below—and learn what to pair ’em with.

The Isharya Mandala Mirror and Pearl Drop Earrings are a perfect in-between if you’re easing into oversized jewelry territory for the first time. They feature a gorgeous mix of textured cotton pearl and delicate mirrors.

How to wear it: Pearls look pretty with a ruffled neckline. Go for an off-the-shoulder dress or asymmetrical top for the perfect fall look.

Skip the dainty bracelet and make an entrance in the Isharya Empress Warrior Multi-Color Pearl Turret Stackable Cuff. This uniquely regal piece is designed to add excitement and drama to any outfit with its colorful oversized pearls.

How to wear it: Let this cuff steal the show. Wear it with a minimal, tonal look in neutral hues for a pop that says both “rebel” and “queen”. Alternatively, dress in one of the piece’s vibrant jewel tones: cranberry or violet.

Looking to stand out from the crowd? The Isharya Renaissance Rani Black Statement Ring is unlike anything else in your jewelry box. Handcrafted in translucent black resin, mirror, and rose gold, this elegantly artistic piece will turn heads for its scale, uniqueness, and beauty.

How to wear it: The reflection of clear resin and rose gold look great worn with black, whether a luxe fall knit or a dressy eveningwear neckline. Pair it with mirrored earrings for the full effect.

The commanding presence of the Isharya Limelight Mirror & Pearl Statement Necklace can transform an elegant outfit into a showstopping ensemble with one flick of the wrist. This triple-layered celebration of glamour culminates in fall’s freshest accessory.

How to wear it: While we love a ’90s moment, this choker is next-level modern and should be styled accordingly. A strapless off-the-shoulder dress or thin-strapped cami will give it room to shine.

The spotlight is all yours in the Isharya Limelight Circle Link Maangtika. This decadent piece of head jewelry has a layered, linked charm that suspends further down the forehead. Getting married? Don’t miss the chance to gift your girls this stunning statement.

How to wear it: Add a fresh twist to your look while embracing traditional silhouettes. Whether you’re off to celebrate in a shimmering saree or dolled up in a cocktail dress at the after-party, make this fully modern piece your own.

Love these modern, oversized looks? Shop more showstopping modern statement Indian jewelry at Isharya.

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3 Perfect Indian Jewelry Trends for your Summer Wardrobe

Ah, summer: the ever-increasing temperatures make us want to wear gauzier fabrics and expose a bit more skin… But sometimes it’s what you add to your outfit that makes this the coolest season ever. Whether you favor a pop color on the wrist or some glistening bling cascading from your ears, these Indian jewelry trends will pull it all together. Give your summer look a little something extra with 3 vibrant pieces we’re loving right now.

Tassel & Fringe Earrings

Why we love them: Fringe and tassels feel festive and fun, making them perfect for carefree summer days and endless party nights.

How to wear them: Pair a bold fringe or tassel earring with a minimalist cocktail dress or goddess-worthy summer gown.

Love this trend? Shop more modern statement Indian earrings.

Isharya Gypsy Soul Filigree & Bedouin Statement Earrings

Isharya Noor Marsala Statement Fringe Earrings

Isharya Ayaana Fringe Earrings

Bangle Bracelets

Why we love them: Bangles feel regal, glamorous, and statement-worthy. They’re also versatile enough to wear with a variety of summer outfits.

How to wear them: Stack bangles up for a collect-them-all look or wear one for a sophisticated statement.

Love this trend? Shop modern statement Indian bracelets.

Isharya Empress Warrior Pearl Swirl Bangle

Isharya Noor Teal Hinged Bangle

Isharya Temple Muse Filigree Bangle

Hair Jewelry

Why we love them: Nothing looks as elegant as a glittering maangtika piece. When simple chains and pendants are mixed with sparkling stones, the look is fit for a beachy summer queen.

How to wear them: When wearing them as a fashion statement, style your head jewelry with simple dresses to balance out the look.

Love this trend? Shop modern Indian hair jewelry.

Isharya Gypsy Soul Filigree Celestial Maang Tikka

Isharya Limelight Oval Mirror Minimal Maangtika

Isharya Noor Pearl & Gold Maangtikka

Want more inspiration? Shop our modern statement Indian jewelry now and be ready for summer!