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5 Nights, 5 Looks: Modern Jewelry to Wear to Fall Events

Summer might be over, but glamorous mermaid vibes live on. The Isharya Demi Goddess collection is handcrafted with shimmering mother of pearl, mirrors, and gold-tone, resulting in some of the most coveted accents of the season. From cascading layered pendants to glistening statement bracelets, these pieces are begging to be taken out for a spin. Explore five statement pieces to wear to spice up special-occasion looks this fall.

The look: Opulent, dramatic, and geometric. The Isharya Demi Goddess Dancing Square Statement Earrings feature angular edges and sparkling mirrors that dance with light as you dance the night away.

The occasion: Earrings this exciting weren’t meant to be hidden. Wear these on dancefloors, from nightclubs to wedding receptions.

The look: Edgy, luxurious, and bright. The Isharya Demi Goddess Double Edge Mirror & Mother Of Pearl Statement Bracelet is a nod to natural elements and carefully organized chaos.

The occasion: This unique bracelet fits right in alongside avant-garde artwork and champagne-sipping critics. Wear it to the next gallery opening.

The look: Elegant, regal, and vibrant. The Isharya Demi Goddess Flower Layered Necklace is made for deep plunging necklines and nights you’ll never forget.

The occasion: Pair this statement-worthy piece with black tie-affair attire. It’s perfect for an evening at the opera followed by a cocktail hour—or an after party.

The look: A luxe play on negative space. The Isharya Demi Goddess Rhombus Mirror & Metal Surround Earrings are modern hoop-inspired pieces that pair as well with casual ensembles as they do a cocktail dress.

The occasion: When evening plans call for something playful (and just a touch rebel-inspired), reach for these. They’ll work for colleague happy hour and late-night dinners with friends.

The look: Iridescent, sultry, and bold. The Isharya Demi Goddess Mother of Pearl & Mirror Cascading Earrings is handcrafted in luxe materials that shimmer and shine with each step.

The occasion: This is your time to shine. Wear these oversized earrings on a special day that’s all about you. Whether it’s your bachelorette party, a weekend getaway, or all-night birthday bash.

Discover more stunning modern Indian jewelry statement pieces, like our Isharya Demi Goddess collection now, so you’ll be ready for your glam moment.

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Indulge in This Luxe September Jewelry Trend: Jewel Tone Accents

Fall’s perfect palette is back for another season of luxe hues and rich accents. Jewel tones are a sublime medium between classic metals and bright pop-colors. These colors are wildly popular during the colder months for adding muted, romantic touches. Amethyst, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and citrine are elegant and timeless against a backdrop of gold and silver, making jewelry the perfect way to wear them. Discover some of our favorite jewel tone pieces—and tips to wear them—below.


Jewel tone tip: Pair luxe jewel tone earrings with black and white to highlight the color without going overboard. Liven up the look with a muted hue like olive or jade green (which is one of fall’s hottest palettes, in case you missed it).

Isharya Temple Muse Gemstone Earcuff Earrings

Isharya Empress Warrior Multi Color Pearl Hoop Earrings

Isharya Noor Pearls & Multicolour Stone Statement Earrings


Jewel tone tip: Add a jewel tone cuff or bangle that matches back to an accessory like a belt, bag, or pair of heels. You can also use them to accent a monochrome jewel tone look. For example, if you’re rocking a deep sapphire dress or a ruby red power suit.

Isharya Temple Muse Green Malachite Purple Resin Cuff

Isharya Empress Warrior Multi Color Pearl Swirl Bangle

Isharya Temple Muse Marsala Quartz Stackable Bangle


Jewel tone tip: Why pick one when you can have multiple hues to play off of in your look? Combine two (or more) jewel tones together to create a symphony of elegant colors. This tip works best when paired with neutrally hued tops and dresses.

Isharya Empress Warrior Multi Color Pearl Lariat

Isharya Empress Warrior Multi Color Pearl Tassel Necklace

Isharya Temple Muse Gemstone Statement Necklace


Jewel tone tip: Look for fresh ways to play up the jewel tone in your outfit. Pair back your richly hued ring to a jewel tone lip like maroon or amber, or select an emerald or sapphire pant to complement baubles around your neck.

Isharya Noor Lapis Rectangle Ring

Isharya Renaissance Rani Translucent Blue Resin Wave Ring

Isharya Temple Muse Marsala Quartz Multistone Ring

Ready to indulge in the jewel tone trend? Browse our dazzling modern Indian statement jewelry collections now and own your trend.