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  • Infinite Petals Filigree Long Statement Earrings

    $ 135
  • Temple Muse Pearl Earcuff Earrings

    $ 104
  • Infinite Petals Filigree Scallop Statement Bangle

    $ 157
  • Infinite Petals Filigree Statement Choker Necklace

    $ 210

The term filigree is a combination of two latin words: filum (thread) and granum (seed). The thread or filum part refers to the delicate twisting of fine precious-metal wire often scarcely thicker than a human hair into the intricate patterns of ornamental flowers and other curvy designs that characterize filigree jewelry. The “seeds” are actually seed-sized beads which are strategically soldered at intervals. Together, the soldering of the seed and the twisting of the filaments creates the signature lacelike look.