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  • Temple Muse Lapis and Pearl Earrings

    $ 108
  • Noor Amazonite Fringe Ring

    $ 98
  • Noor Lapis Rectangle Ring

    $ 98
  • Temple Muse Gemstone Tassel Lariat Necklace

    $ 178
  • Temple Muse Amazonite and Pearl Cuff

    $ 248
  • Temple Muse Gemstone Statement Necklace

    $ 328
  • Temple Muse Gemstone Cascade Earrings

    $ 198
  • Temple Muse Gemstone and Pearl Cuff

    $ 248

Although glowing green Amazonite takes its name from the mighty Amazon river, it’s actually mined primarily in Russia with additional high-quality crystals also found in Pike’s Peak, Colorado. While Amazonite jewelry is often prized for the stone’s association with communicating and speaking one’s truth, we love how lovely it looks set in 18k gold and blush gold or combined with inky-blue lapis or even just showing off its softer side with natural pearl.