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Initial Reaction: 8 Times Customizable Indian Jewelry Won Us Over

ON July 14, 2019

There’s nothing like adding a special touch to make your outfit uniquely yours. Personalized jewelry and accessories are some of our favorite ways to do exactly that. One thing’s for sure: no one gets off the hook for forgetting your name when you’re decked out in letters! From boldly lettered hair clips to glam clutches and lariats, explore some of our favorite customizable Indian jewelry and accent pieces below.

The Isharya DIY Leather Choker/Bracelet has dual functionality (and it’s twice as tempting). This rebel-inspired accessory takes a favorite 90s trend and turns it into a festival-ready statement.

When to wear it: This piece is ideal for outdoor music events and late nights out with the girls.

The Isharya NOW Back To The ’90s Pearl Hair Clip adds retro-glam and a luxe touch of pearl to your up-do. Wear it for a playful, youthful look that still feels sophisticated.

When to wear it: Whether you’re planning a girl’s brunch or a date night, this piece is designed to pop.

Upgrade your purse with the Isharya Personalized Chain Bag Strap, featuring custom oversized letters. This bold statement chain makes a thoughtfully stylish gift for friends. You’ll want one to match, of course.

When to wear it: We love a versatile accent. This piece fits the bill from the gallery opening to the office.

Go ultra-glam in the Isharya Personalized Pearl Bib Necklace. This piece proves that event playfully customized jewelry with oversized initials can be prim and proper… with a dash of modern Indian charm.

When to wear it: This sweet piece was made for special occasions, whether you’re heading to dinner with the in-laws or for a night at the opera.

The stunning Isharya Personalized Lariat turns initial jewelry into an elevated statement. Oversized letters cascade from a luxe chain that can be worn in multiple ways to suit your look.

When to wear it: This piece is more dramatic than your typical necklace, so pair it with tamer outfits to amp up the drama.

The Isharya DIY Velvet Choker/Bracelet celebrates our favorite 90s trend: a high contrast velvet band that can be worn around the neck or wrist. The additional of initials makes it a solid 10/10.

When to wear it: This retro-inspired trend works best with casual and nightlife looks, but can be added to daytime looks for a bit of edge.

Go for a head-turning statement in a sweet pearl headband with bold luxe lettering. Customize the Isharya NOW Leighton Pearl Headband with initials, your name, or a word.

When to wear it: This glam personalized headband will keep your hair back when you want a sleeker look.

The Isharya Personalized Acrylic Clutch features fully customizable inlay lettering, letting you send a message to the world without saying a word. Add your name, fav hashtag, or initials.

When to wear it: This clutch is ideal for events of all kinds and particularly lends itself to evening looks.

Love the initial look? Shop and personalize your own customizable Indian Jewelry from our Isharya NOW collection—and be sure to follow Isharya on IG to stay up to date on trends.



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