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  • Weave Hoop Earrings

    $ 95
  • Connect Hoop Earrings

    $ 112
  • Whole Hoop Earrings

    $ 120
  • Globe Crystal Earrings

    $ 120
  • Modern Maharani Marquise Mirror Mini Gold Hoop Earrings

    $ 103
  • Modern Maharani CZ Swirl Hoop Gold Earrings

    $ 129
  • Modern Maharani Crystal Pearl Hoop Silver Earrings

    $ 172
  • Modern Maharani Crystal Swirl Silver Hoop Earrings

    $ 155
  • Studded Hoop Earrings

    $ 112
  • Moonstone Bead Hoops

    $ 120
  • Black Onyx Bead Hoops

    $ 120
  • Celeste MOP Resin Mirror Hoop

    $ 157

Iconic looks have been created by wearing hoops, notably on Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Hoops range in size and shape and suit most face shapes. Playing with the size and materials used in a pair of hoops to create an unforgettable accessory is where ISHARYA hoops stand out from others and our designer hoop earrings are signature staples for any fashionista. ISHARYA hoops range from lightweight gold filigree hoops, to subtle half hoops, or huggie earrings, to bold, front hoops, which face forward and frame the face. One of our first best sellers and still an iconic design , our traditional moon balis, are must-haves for any traditional destination travel . Our lightweight pearl hoops, studded with Swarovski crystals from our Temple Muse collection, are elegant and classic. Our black and white gemstone studded hoop earrings from mughal abstract are boldly cut to perfection. The lightweight array of colors and shapes we offer with our resin hoops, such as our new Renaissance Rani wave gold earrings give the traditional hoops a twist. Decadent mirror hoops are a bold, signature look and we have large hoop earrings or more subtle, small hoop earrings, either way, the shape enhances most face shapes and is a must-have.