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  • Demi Goddess Irregular Mirror Layered Y Necklace

    $ 136
  • Demi Goddess Long Chain

    $ 115
  • Demi Goddess Chain & Mirror Medallion Layered Necklace

    $ 214
  • Glitter on the Go Multi Stone Long Necklace

    $ 225
  • Limelight Mirror & Pearl Statement Necklace

    $ 188
  • Ayaana Mirror Y Necklace

    $ 139
  • Noor Blue Tassel Lariat

    $ 181
  • Renaissance Rani Black Mirror Choker Necklace

    $ 208
  • Infinite Petals Filigree Stiff Collar Statement Necklace

    $ 278
  • Temple Muse Pearl Statement Necklace

    $ 178
  • Temple Muse Gemstone Statement Necklace

    $ 328
  • Empress Warrior Pearl Tassel Necklace

    $ 248
  • Angel Dust Mirror Statement Necklace

    $ 281

Hollywood and Bollywood favorite, ISHARYA statement necklaces are ramp ready. As seen on Deepika Padukone, our Temple Muse pearl statement necklace amps up the glam to make your look red-carpet ready. Alia Bhatt is no stranger to making waves and she did just that when she modelled ISHARYA’s tentacle wave statement gold necklace. Our Angel Dust statement choker is ramp worthy and sits high but even longer designs, like our long statement necklaces, do the trick. From our signature hand-cut polki mirrors to faceted semi-precious beaded statement necklaces, ISHARYA has many High fashion statement necklaces online and are on point and a trend that is here to stay.