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  • Empress Warrior Multi Color Pearl Lariat

  • Ayaana Double Layered Lariat

  • Ayaana Three Mirror Black Lariat

  • Ayaana Resin and Gold Tassel Statement Lariat

  • Empress Warrior Azure Pearl Lariat


​The possibilities are endless when it comes to our open-ended, ultra-versatile lariat style necklaces. They can be draped anyway a scarf can. Check out our brand video for eight ways to get creative and wear your lariat chain. You can knot it high, low, double it up and cinch it around the waist – get creative! Our most popular mirror tassel lariat necklace and our baroque freshwater pearl lariat necklace transcend any age boundaries and work with almost any look. What’s better than a lariat? Two! Layered lariat necklaces can look different each time you wear them so try a combination and style permutation today!