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Make a strong style style statement without breaking a sweat (or even a nail) in one of our fashion necklaces. Our costume jewelry necklaces deliver as much glam as the real thing (just ask longtime Maybelline spokeswoman, Alia Bhatt) but are always up for a good time, be it with a formal gown, a silk blouse or your day-off uniform of chic tee and perfect-cut jeans.

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  • Renaissance-Rani-Black-Translucent-Resin-Mirror-Ribbon-Choker Isharya_Renaissance Rani_N1519-20-050-105_Hi Res Model Shoot

    Renaissance Rani Black Ribbon Choker

  • Renaissance-Rani-Clear-Resin-Mirror-Y-Necklace-by-ISHARYA-N1517-20-050-105 Isharya_Renaissance Rani_N1517-20-050-105_Hi Res Model Shoot

    Renaissance Rani Clear Mirror Y Necklace

  • Renaissance-Rani-Clear-Resin-Mirror-Choker-Necklace-by-ISHARYA-N1515-20-050-105 Isharya_Renaissance Rani_N1515-20-050-105_Hi Res Model Shoot

    Renaissance Rani Clear Mirror Choker Necklace

  • Decadence-Decoded-Mirror-Double-Line-Choker-Necklace-In-Gold-by-ISHARYA-N1514-20-105-a Isharya _Decadence Decoded Gold_Decadence Decoded Mirror Double Line Choker Necklace IN Gold_N1514-20-105_Web Optimized Model Shoot_IMG_2895

    Decadence Decoded Mirror Double Line Choker Necklace In Gold

  • 5425421-1 5425421-2

    Desert Pearl Black Diamond Necklace

  • Decadence-Decoded-Circle-Choker-Necklace.-by-ISHARYA-N1512-20-050-105 Isharya _Decadence Decoded Rose Gold_N1512-20-050-105_Web Optimized Model Shoot_IMG_2731

    Decadence Decoded Circle Choker Necklace

  • Decadence-Decoded-Mirror-Tie-Choker-Necklace-by-ISHARYA-N1513-20-050-105 Isharya _Decadence Decoded Rose Gold_N1513-20-050-105_Web Optimized Model Shoot_IMG_2737

    Decadence Decoded Mirror Tie Choker Necklace

  • Empress-Warrior-Pearl-Choker-N1502-02-154a.jpg Empress-Warrior-Pearl-Choker-N1502-02-154.jpg

    Empress Warrior Pearl Choker

  • Empress-Warrior-Pearl-Lariat-N1503-02-154 Empress-Warrior-Pearl-Lariat-N1503-02-154a

    Empress Warrior Pearl Lariat

  • Isharya_NOW_Collection__359227_1 Isharya _NOW_N1522-31-016-154_Web Optimized Model Shoot_IMG_2437

    Personalized Pearl Necklace

  • Isharya_NOW_Collection_359221 Isharya _NOW_N1521-31-016-108_Web Optimized Model Shoot_IMG_2656

    Personalized Pearl Bib Necklace

  • p-17031-temple_muse_pearl_statement_choker_necklace_by_isharya_N1413_02_154a__80198.1438679296.1280.1280.jpg p-17031-Temple_Muse_Pearl_Statement_Necklace_by_ISHARYA_Jewelry_1024x1024px_201kb__82190.1444335238.1280.1280.jpg

    Temple Muse Pearl Statement Choker Necklace