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A Closer Look at the Women who Inspired The Outliers (Part 1)

Unconventional jewels, extraordinary women 


The conception of The Outliers, Isharya’s latest launch, started with thinking about its inspiration. We contemplated for days and couldn’t help but think of women—young, old, contemporary, powerful, and timeless—who have consistently broken the glass ceiling without fearing the road less traveled. These are the trailblazers of today—and will remain so years from now. Read further to know more about who they are and how they became a part of the Isharya universe. 



A feminist icon and popularly known as RBG on the Internet, Ginsburg was the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court. The pioneering legal mind advocated for equal treatment of the sexes. Needless to say, she created history. Her powerful dissenting opinions earned her unprecedented stardom and this is exactly why we were inspired by her for our latest collection The Outliers. 

Buy the Ginsburg White Abalone Cuff. 



Some have described her as the greatest tennis player to ever live. She’s a sports phenomenon that the world hasn’t seen in the last century with 21 Grand Slam singles titles all while she has endured the oft-repeated critiques on her physical appearance. Serena Williams is the indisputable queen of the tennis court. And, we couldn’t help but agree. 

Buy the Serena Multicolored Gold Cuff. 



A true Avant-garde, Yoko Ono, a multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and activist, has always defied conventions. She has lived and thrived outside the cultural constructs unapologetically and this is why we love her at Isharya. 

Buy the Yoko Gold Hoop Earrings. 



Frida Kahlo wasn’t just any other Mexican painter who liked to create self-portraits. She’s the iconic artist whose work is still deemed searingly relevant and soulful many years later. Through her work, Kahlo offers personal and societal commentary, both subtle and overt. If her clothing embraced her cultural identity, her signature unibrow and her wispy mustache challenged conventional beauty standards. She is, quite truly, an outlier who became a global icon. 

Buy the Frida White Abalone Bracelet. 



The youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate and education activist in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai, doesn’t need an introduction. She co-founded the Malala Fund, a non-profit organization and in 2013, she co-authored I Am Malala, an international bestseller. Throughout the years, her advocacy for young girls has become so inspiring and powerful, it has grown into an international movement. 

Buy the Malala Golden Shadow Crystal Studs. 

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Simply charming: Your definitive style guide to wearing charms

From Elizabeth Taylor’s girly charm bracelet to Gigi Hadid’s evil eye necklace 

After looking back at some treasure trove of inspiration, some from the distant past and others of Gen-Z tastemakers, we unraveled all manner of gorgeous jewels: stacked letters that send out a message for social good, childlike motifs that take you on trip down memory lane, and statement trinkets that look so ladylike.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and learn how you can recreate these looks from Isharya’s newest launch: Legend Has It!


Dreamboat Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with jewelry is as popular as her cinematic legacy. This charm bracelet became synonymous with some of her golden mementos. Some of the most popular charms in this bracelet were the lockets engraved with the names of Elizabeth’s children.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Cupid Heart & Arrow Bracelet from Legend Has It.


The fascination with Princess D didn’t just end in her personal life—it extended to her fashion as well. This charm bracelet is an artful balance between both. It was a wedding gift from her then-husband Prince Charles. And, on each year of their anniversary, he gave the princess a new charm. One of the charms was a miniature of St Paul’s Cathedral, where they got married.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Mini Charm Bolo Bracelet.


Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s jewelry created quite a stir at the Democratic National Convention in 2020. All because of her custom-made charm necklace that spelled out ‘Vote’.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Chain-link Charm Necklace & the Hope Charm.


Supermodel Gigi Hadid has been spotted in Evil Eye necklaces many times. It is a common talisman in the Middle Eastern and Greek cultures. It’s worn for its ability to protect its wearer from negativity.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Eye of Ra Evil Eye Charm from Legend Has It.


One of Dua Lipa’s favorite necklace is an uber playful take on charm jewelry. A vibrant, childlike style made with a rainbow charm and a pendant bearing the face of her dog, it shows her love for bold accessories.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Unicorn Horn Charm from Legend Has It.

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3 Things To Add To Your Daily Routine In The #NewNormal

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare” these words by W.H. Davis have never resonated more with millions of us during this pandemic; ushering us away from the constant bustle, to a space where for the first time in years we found indispensable time for ourselves. We all found new routines and began defining the new normal, at the heart of which feeling good felt very crucial. We reflected and introspected to re-defining our core and most importantly how we can continue to persevere through these trying times. Here are a few tried and tested things to do to help you in that process.

1.    Mindfulness

With our limited social interactions, it is easy for us to feel overwhelmed with constant influx of news and media coupled with living in close quarters with your loved ones, one cannot seem to take out any personal time. We recommend one hour of exercising mindfulness every day. From yoga to a hot cup of coffee while reading your favorite book, taking time out for yourself now is as important as it was earlier.

The perfect baubles for those mindful moments of soul soothing solitude

2.   Digital Cleanse

Account for your screen time as you’d account for your jewelry collection. Every moment spent on it is valuable and you only deserve to be seeing the best. Edit your social media presence to a space that only makes you feel good physically, emotionally and mentally. Follow pages that inspire you and help build back aspirations to the time when we start heading back into the world again.

For the editor-in-chief you know you’ve always been

3.   Journaling

Words spoken and written have never been more impactful and the beauty of this is you are allowed to express yourself in every way possible. Journaling will not only help you de-clutter your mind but also bring you closer to the person you’ve always wanted to be. Channel your inner Toni Morrison in this process and let your thoughts shape your present and your future.

While the words runneth over on paper let your hands compliment the mood

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6 stories that rehabilitate hope in times of despair

Inspiring change, one day at a time

At Isharya, the last month has been extraordinarily tough for everyone we know. We’ve found ourselves at a loss for words, felt helpless and sometimes just overwhelmed by the loss of lives due to Covid-19. However, we looked around to see what can propel us to get back up after this immense heartbreak. Naturally, it was the kindness shown by the ones rehabilitating love and hope during the pandemic.


Prints of Hope by 8:30

Nine women, all photographers, hosted a sale of nine special prints to support three Covid-relief organisations: Athrout Kashmir, Khalsa Aid India and Premankur. The prints included works of photographers like Menty Jamir, Zahra Amiruddin, Riti Sengupta, Mithila Jariwala, Vinita Barretto, Kirthana Devdas, Adira Thekkuveettil, Pavithra R and Divya Cowasji. The sale was open till May 17.


Covid SOS by Mashrin Srivastava

Mashrin, a techie working at Intel, developed a live app of Covid resources that updates itself every second and curates the most helpful, verified and latest resources from Twitter.


Covid Meals for India by Saransh Goila

Celebrity chef Saransh Goila came up with, an ever-growing listings portal that connects Covid-affected individuals with cooks all over the country willing to provide a meal for them.


Breathe This Air by a few cross-disciplinary creatives

This project was gifting personalised beats to people who are donating to any organisation working towards COVID-19 relief in India. Breathe This Air aims to bring together creatives across disciplines to donate 20,000 litres of oxygen across India.


Wildlife Illustrations by Rohan Chakravarthy

The award-winning cartoonist is selling two of his illustrations to support the Last Wilderness Foundation arranging Covid essentials for tribal communities around Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh and Maee, which is educating the Van Gujjar community in Uttarakhand struggling due to the pandemic.


Home-cooked meals by Aakanksha Sadekar 

Pune-based Aakanksha has distributed over 20,000 food packages to health workers, police personnel and street dwellers. Many of them were transgender, women and children living in the red-light area in Pune.

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Fashioning a New Normal

Motherhood in Lockdown

A year of the pandemic saw mothers seemingly attach friend-teacher-healthcare practitioner to a predefined laundry list of roles. 2021 brought on a gut-wrenching déjà vu like no other, and frequent worry turned all-consuming with no end in sight. 

Mothers, funnily akin to cockroaches, are going full throttle into survival mode again. A primal force- enabled, a strategy in place. The ongoings of a battered environment adds a mental load that demands to be shared and dissipated. The new age-mom though, looks after herself. She knows holding down the fort means recharging first. This Mother’s Day, we caught up with moms we admire to look back at their year gone by and share their kryptonite through it all.

Anchal Kumar, Model-Actress

“The romance of last year’s lockdown has worn off.”, says Anchal Kumar. Mom to a 3-year-old, she is channelling her energy and time doing creative things with her daughter indoors. “It’s a struggle to engage my child as whole heartedly as I would have liked.”, she says of the current scenario. Unconditional love and their bond over dressing up, dancing and storytelling is what she values. She believes mothers are aware of their child’s needs, and truly, mum knows best. 

Nayanika Chatterjee, Supermodel-Entrepreneur

Nayanika Chatterjee is enjoying involving her soon-to-leave-the-nest daughter in her new venture. On parenting she says, “Being a mother is like nurturing a plant.” She tries to expose her daughter to reality through the lives of artisans she works with, while keeping her motivated and positive. On coping as a mom during this time she relies on finding little pockets of happiness for her family.

Natasha Kochhar, Full-time Mom, Formerly Fashion & Brand Evaluation Head Select Citywalk

While she feels anxious about keeping her son safe, “Literally my dream job.”, is how Natasha Kochhar describes being a toddler mom. Meditation, painting, yoga, bike rides and hot showers are things she does during me-time. When asked what she’d like to share with other moms, Natasha spills, “Happy mothers are the best mothers. Do what it takes to stay happy!”

Kalyani Saha Chawla, Founder Rezon Silverware

Time at home for Kalyani Saha Chawla has been a boon and a bane. Being a working mother, having her college-going daughter at home was a highlight in their lives. This time around, issues with mental health and a bout of covid had her down. “Tahira is trying to raise funds (for Covid relief) through projects but never forgets to check on me daily.”, she says of her miracle angel conceived after being told otherwise due to endometriosis. “Her opinion matters to me. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual but the most important thing is communication. Parents can only instil values.”

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A Mother’s Day Guide (If You’re Away from Her)

Think outside the box & give her a Mother’s Day gift that counts

If Mother’s Day (May 9) was around the corner in any other year, perhaps breakfast in bed or a fun day out with your mom would’ve been a great way to celebrate your hero, caregiver, friend (sometimes foe). However, with an ongoing lockdown across India, this special day reminds us how many of you might not get even the chance to be physically present with your mothers. But fret not, you can still show mom you care—even if distance has disturbed your fail-proof plans from the past.


Don’t just use Zoom or Google Meet for office meetings 

Going virtual is the new normal. Set a time that’s convenient for both of you and send her an invite. Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to dress up. Ask your mom to put on her favourite outfit or jewelry too. You can even both cook your mom’s favourite recipe and try the same meals screen-to-screen.


A warm, memorable way to make mom feel loved.

Yes, letters are old-school but this is also the reason why they’re so meaningful. A handwritten letter is also a good way to stop monotony and put an end to non-stop virtual time. Letters always add a sense of emotion to whatever you’re doing. They are truly sublime.


All you need is a Netflix subscription.

Make Mother’s Day into a movie night with Netflix Party. If you’re wondering which movies to watch then consider these suggestions: Mother’s Day, Bad Moms, Mamma Mia, Lady Bird and Dumplin’.


Time to get creative.

You don’t have to be an artist to do this. Think about what you want to say to your mom and turn it into an artwork she will cherish for life. You don’t necessarily have to draw. You can make a collage with old photographs, stick fallen dried flowers or drizzle some paint around. If you’re savvy digitally, then make use of your skills and send her a digital artwork.


An Isharya Gift Card makes for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom.

If you have impending chores, running out of time or can’t find Mother’s Day gifts online, you can still show your mom you care. Send her an Isharya gift card to wish her Mother’s Day. 100% of the profits from each Isharya sale until May 8 will be donated to charities working for Covid relief. Shop for a good cause and make mom feel special while at it. From personalized necklaces for Mother’s Day to earrings curated especially for moms, our Mother’s Day gift edit is truly delightful.

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Isharya’s Women On The Move

Womanhood, in all its glory

What she wears is who she reflects. A go getter, she encapsulates might and femininity. It’s the light she’s after, rising like a vine, hand-in-hand with her tribe. Our reflection, our mirrors, got a modish refurbish to fit her global stance. Intertwined with love, our links represent connections- old and new, diverse and distant. Mirrors On The Move was born of inspiration from our muse, a celebration of brave women who have guided us through these dark, unprecedented times.

We at Isharya spoke to our female-led, female-run team of different fields and different views on the world- with a unanimous vision for the fierce, all-encompassing gender. Read on for all things womanhood and style!

The Aesthete

What would you tell yourself as a young girl?

Always be the master of your own destiny, and never let anyone else steer your life for you.

What makes you proudest of being a woman today?

The burning fire of perseverance, grit and pure determination that I have seen in the eyes and hearts of women to not only survive, but also to succeed in a world inherently biased and dangerous towards them. From famous authors, activists to my own family members, I have rarely met a woman that has not fought for her place in this world and that, is amazing.

Megha’s Pick: Fierce Ear Pin earring

Since I have multiple piercings on both my ears, I am huge fan of stacking various styles of jewelry together to create an interesting medley of ear candy and this particular piece is both cool to look at and fun to wear.

The Wordsmith

How does wearing jewelry empower you?

Jewelry has a magical quality to it. It can instantly make you feel feminine — and reminds you how you don’t need to give up any part of your femininity (whatever it may mean to you) to feel empowered. We have seen how a piece of jewelry or accessory can often mean more than the sum of its parts — that’s empowering for me.

What does Mirrors On The Move invoke in you?

This collection puts me in a celebratory mood. And, in a time when our lives are confined to mostly our homes — the pieces instil the joy of dressing up back in me.

Drishti’s pick: Emerge Disc Earrings

They’re an interesting take on the ubiquitous hoop earrings. I like them for their versatility — they work as well for Indian clothes as they do with a dress or modern-day separates.

The Juggler

What is your hope for women in 2021?

My hope for women in 2021 and the years to come is to be fearless and follow their dreams relentlessly.

Who is your female role model?

Oprah Winfrey.

Nisha’s pick: Chain Reaction Interlinked Necklace

I love this necklace and would style it with a longer layered necklace, white shirt and jeans.

The Cyber Genie

How important are female relationships to you?

All friendships are important, but female relationships offer you a safe space to discuss issues that may seem harder to speak about to the opposite gender or family members. This understanding makes them invaluable to me as a woman, since I can be a 100% myself, no questions asked.

What is your idea of ‘on the move’? What is freedom to you?

To make progress. Moving in life is a continuous process of gradually improving or getting nearer to achieving something.

Freedom to me is having the opportunity to, and being empowered enough to, make my own decisions.

Shwetha’s pick: Link Lock Necklace

The Link Lock Necklace is my favourite piece from the collection. I would pair it with a low V-neck top or dress necklace that complements the neckline, while keeping the focus on the necklace.

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So what does your charm really mean?

As we reboot traditions this season, we decided to go ahead and give traditional jewellery a bit of a makeover as well. For the 21st century woman, it’s all about being effortless and timeless at the same time. Jewellery should be light, but statement-making, sparkly but versatile. Enter Modern Maharani, an Isharya take on traditional jewellery.

The collection features our signature hand cut polki mirrors, cotton pearls and crystals; but not like you’ve seen them before. Chokers feature marquise mirrors and come with adjustable tassels. Hand harnesses are even more statement, and the most comfortable to wear pieces you could imagine – with adjustable bolo straps for the fingers as well as your wrist.

As the collection was made to celebrate the Maharani in you, we kept in mind all the intimate weddings and festivities. Each piece of jewellery is ideal for festive dressing, weddings and celebrations – whether you want to stand out in the crowd, or make an impact.

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It’s Truly The Best Time Of The Year | We’re On SALE


Let’s be honest, it was a tough 2020. To wave goodbye to the year that was and start afresh, we decided to add a little pick-me-up to our website and in stores. Not only did we add upto 50% off on some of our most-loved pieces, we’re adding new styles to our epic sale list too! And would you want to know the best part? There are over 150 styles to choose from and we’ve covered pretty much every category you could think of!

January just got a whole lot sparklier. You’ll find pieces from our latest Legacy as well as our bright Borderless collections.

If you’re looking for a statement pair of earrings, some pieces from our Demi Goddess collection are on sale too

Our best selling Hampi Cuff and Goddess Power Cuff are truly statement makers and are at 30% to 50% off

If you’re looking for minimal pieces, don’t forget to check out the Origami rings and Maia bangles on sale

Oh and, those Borderless Shard Earrings that Priyanka Chopra made famous are now 20% off – didn’t we say we were adding some of your favourites?

Still need some help deciding which pieces to buy? Here’s a quick video to help you decide:

And once your mind is made up, you can shop the Sale Edit online and in stores too! PS; pieces are selling out super fast! So make sure you get your favourites soon!