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A World Without Boundaries: Introducing Borderless by Isharya

ON January 30, 2020

The spirit of the Isharya woman transcends literal and figurative boundaries. Her spirit is untethered to norms and limitations. She calls the entire world her home and destination. She is Borderless. Explore our newest collection and preview our new lookbook below.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-3


bor·der·less /ˈbôrdərləs/
Lacking edges, limits, or boundaries.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-2

The wanderlust-prone spirit of the Isharya It-girl is celebrating the colors and senses of Greece in this newest release. Borderless is inspired by the azure palettes of the Ionian Sea as well as the landscape’s peppering of cooling architectural white and vibrant jewel tones.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-4

Borderless aptly features stunning borderless enameling, a rare technique that requires exquisite artisanal skill. It also looks wildly luxe and original. Hint: That means each of these pieces if an absolute must-have you won’t find anywhere else.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-5

The sublime colors of the Ionian Sea are paired with vibrant jewel tones and cooling whites. Talk about indulgent! Just looking at these is enough to inspire a luxurious Mediterranean getaway.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-6

The Borderless collection’s unapologetic shapes are sprinkled with decadent finishing touches. Think gold chain link borders, swaying tassels and gemstones floating on thin golden hoops. If you’re anything like us, you’re already envisioning the ways these pieces could spice up an outfit, day-to-night.

Free-Spirited Jewelry - Isharya - Borderless SS20-7

Already dreaming off far off coasts and azure ocean waves? Shop the Borderless collection now. Need help choosing the perfect piece to wear? Contact us and one of our expert stylists will get in touch.


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