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9 Pairs of Showstopping Modern Indian Earrings Under $100

ON October 14, 2019

One thing we love about modern Indian jewelry? It captures the extravagance and sparkle of high-end designer jewelry by default—that’s just the aesthetic. One thing we don’t love so much? With some brands, the price tags can vary just as much as the intricate designs themselves.

Luckily, when you shop Isharya’s dazzling pieces, the price tag has this magical way of being perfect, all the time. And accessible prices mean you get to pile on the sparkle. And that’s the goal, isn’t it!?

As big fans of sparkle and shine, we did some digging and found our favorite 9 pairs of showstopping modern Indian earrings that are under $100. Give this post a scroll and your fall wardrobe will never be the same.

Festival style, but elevated: the Isharya Gypsy Soul Illusion Leaf Small Hoop Earrings are as delicate as they are bold. Pair them with a silk blouse of cozy sweater dress.

Add a touch of the unexpected with the Isharya Demi Goddess Irregular Mirror and Pearl Stud Earrings, featuring a handcrafted pearl and sharp angles. Count on these to bring a classic cocktail dress to life.

The elegant Isharya Mandala Mirror and Pearl Minimal Long Earrings have 3-in-1 appeal with a fan of mirrors, dangling jewels, and pearl drops. These decadent pieces pair well with feminine ensembles.

Casual-chic and elegant evening combine in the Isharya Fool’s Gold Libra Earrings. This voluptuous set will pair as well with a luxurious evening look as they will with a favorite button-up and jeans.

The Isharya Glitter on the Go Swarovski Duo Stone Drop Earrings are a stylish study in scale and contrast. They’d make a flawless companion to your go-to LBD.

Kick your classic hoop game up a notch with the Isharya Demi Goddess Rhombus Mirror Hoop Earrings. These stunningly versatile earrings can be paired with casual weekend looks or dressy evening outfits.

Some earrings are simply unforgettable. Prepare to get compliments on the Isharya Mirrors on the Move Drop Shaped Earrings when you pair them with your favorite fall cocktail dress.

A set of studs with major personality, the Isharya Demi Goddess Inverted Pyramid Mirror Earrings command attention with zero effort. Wear them with curved style lines like a scoop neck to balance your silhouette.

The Isharya Ayaana Circle Mirror Needle-Thread Delicate Earrings hand just at the jaw, casting light across the face. Wear them for a special occasion like birthdays, weddings, and nights out with friends.

Need more luxe in your life? As always, Isharya’s got you covered as we have a wide selection of stunning modern Indian earrings so shop now!


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