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5 Stunning Modern Indian Jewelry Statements to Make in 2020

ON December 13, 2019

The start of a new year is the perfect time to express your personal style and amp up your jewelry selection. After all, your jewelry should tell a story about who you are—maybe even who you aspire to be!

While you’re thinking about who you want to be this year, we’ll go ahead and pull some perfect pieces to inspire your inner-muse. Discover five distinct statements you can make with modern Indian jewelry, whether you’re aiming for flirty and feminine or VIP-level looks.

Unapologetic glam

6 Stunning Modern Indian Jewelry Statements to Make in 2020

The statement: Being glamorous is a state of mind, but having bold, luxurious jewelry helps! Style some of our most elaborate pieces with long wavy locks and romantic makeup for a silver screen-ready look that you can wear every day.

The pieces: To achieve this starlet-worthy vibe, we recommend Isharya’s Angel Dust Collection and Demi Goddess Collection.

Understated luxe

The statement: “Too cool to care” is the energy that captures today’s young celebrities and influencers. The key is looking effortless, and one way to do that is to pile on the jewelry and pair it with a messy bun and favorite athleisure outfit.

The pieces: To capture this effortlessly cool look, we recommend stocking up on generous amounts of Isharya’s modern Indian rings and statement necklaces to stack and layer.

Sophisticated sparkle

6 Stunning Modern Indian Jewelry Statements to Make in 2020-3

The statement: Whether your event calendar is chocked with dressy events or you just prefer to look like royalty, there’s something to be said for dialing up the sophistication. Different from purely glam looks, this vibe requires balance, proportion, and plenty of shimmer and shine.

The pieces: No collection achieves this look with more dazzling finesse than Isharya’s Demi Goddess Collection. We also recommend the stunning Mirrors on the Move Collection for that extra hint of sparkle.

Bold & minimal

6 Stunning Modern Indian Jewelry Statements to Make in 2020-4

The statement: Nothing says It-girl like bold, modern minimalism. This timeless trend, which rose to prominence in the ’60s and remains an artistically chic staple of the fashion world, requires in-your-face statements paired with understated attire.

The pieces: To achieve the gallerina-inspired look of modern minimalism, explore Isharya’s Fool’s Gold collection, as well as any of their one-and-done statement bracelets.

Timeless beauty

6 Stunning Modern Indian Jewelry Statements to Make in 2020-5

The statement: It’s only right to end with a classic look that will never go out of style. The timeless elegance of simple statements paired with classic silhouettes will always appeal. Why not work a few always-in-style moments into your wardrobe this year?

The pieces: Timeless is typically in the way you style your look rather than the piece itself. We love the idea of wearing Isharya’s bold Glitter on the Go collection with elegance eveningwear and a sleek updo.

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Happy new year from Modern Indian Jewelry!!


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